About Laura

Laura Saggers is a British singer/ songwriter residing in Los Angeles, USA. Soothing on the ear, Laura arranges,performs and records her own covers each week and is preparing to release her debut self written album Chasing Dreams later this year. Classically trained on piano since the age of 4, Laura was endorsed by Roland for the keytar in 2013 and was rated as their top 25 keytarists worldwide alongside Lady Gaga and Keisha's keytarists.

Laura's self written singles have been well received with Summer Fling winning best song for 2015 for Unsigned Only International Music Competition and 10'000 Bitcoins being featured in the LA Times and Wall Street Journal.

Each week Laura releases a brand new cover on her youtube page. Make sure to subscribe and if you have a request let her know! (youtube link here)

Me in a nutshell

I play piano.

I like to sing, apparently it's decent, combine the two together it's like sprinkling salt on vanilla ice-cream....GOD DAMN DELICIOUS, that's what THAT is.

I have a conure parrot named Max, he has his own Instagram page. yes. yes he does. Don't judge. I surf but don't smoke weed.

I ride a Vstar Yamaha motorbike but I'm still too scared to go over 60 on the motorway. Last time I tried it I nearly peed so it's a work in progress.

I'm British and yes, I LOVE tea. Yorkshire Gold to be exact if anyone's asking. WITH MILK but please, PLEASE don't put a teabag in a mug, fill with cold water and pop it in the microwave and present that shite to me. VILE. That is not how to make tea so stop it. Stop it right now. Peasant.

No I haven't met the Queen and no we are not on first named terms but she is a badass and I'd be honored to give her a squidge. (a hug)

Southpark, Family Guy, Archer, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, keytars, 80s, glitter, sarcasm, Jim Jeffries, Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Tina Fey.

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Laura Saggers

So. I grew up surrounded by music. My dad, although lacking any form of actual musical ability at all, LOVED music and loved it LOUD. When I was a baby and crying in my bed for attention, my parents—who would throw big dinner parties for their friends—instead of rushing in to attend to me like doting helicopter parents that they refused to be, would simply…turn the music up. I soon snapped out of it.”